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Imaging Aspherical Lens

The growth of the consumer electronics industry and a desire for light weight, compact, portable and high performance products has led to an increasing demand for aspherical glass lens. Glass lens molding offers a promising approach for large volume, cost effective production of precision micro aspherical glass lens which is difficult to make using conventional abrasive lens fabrication techniques.

Existing Product Technologies

  • Diameter:3mm≤Φ≤40mm
  • Rise :h≤17mm

Quality Assurance

Processing Equipment Introduction

  • Precision mold cord processing

processing method
machining precisions
hard metal / glass
variety of process
FIG≤0.2μm   ACC≤0.2μm
mold cord quality index
TOSHIBA processing equipment

  • Compression

ranges of caliber

Production System

7grade continuous compression

Automatic operation with mechanical hand

SYS&DTK Molding press/RV  Mechanical hand

  • Quality Inspection

Inspection precision
Inspection method

Contact inspection methods

range of wavelengths
PROFILE Panasonic UA3P
Back-End ancillary engineering facility
Automatic coring machine
Optical coating system
Product manufacturing & End product

We produce all shapes of Aspherical Lens to satisfy the different users' request.

Laser TV
On-board equipment
Exercise DV
Surveillance equipment