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Research and Development Team
  • ​The prosperous development of the young team and technology innovation make us in a rising status among the same industries.

Using customer-centric principles to 

tailor-made customized products and services.


  • Using Lean and QC tool to improve production process.

CG/TP/LCM Core Competence
Quality detection devices
4-P Bending Test
Thermal shock test machine
Salt spray test machine
Ion concentration tester
Harmful substance analyzer
Transmittance MM
Water contact angle
Abrasion teste

CNC workshop
Product manufacturing & End product
Quality and Strength

From design to process, we emphasize meeting all the requirements of our clients. At SRE, we ensure uncompromised quality control of TP materials, such as the use of high-standard tempered glass from Corning®, SCHOTT®, Asahi® etc. for cover glass. During processing, we apply exclusive strengthening technology to ensure the high strength of TP modules and the durability of products. With exclusive craftsmanship and technology, we significantly improve the strength of SGS TP modules to fulfill the strength demand of actual applications.